2016-2017 Summer Institute ePortfolio Showcase

The 2016-2017 Summer Institute CRT faculty ePortfolios listed below represent the planning, execution, and results of their Course Redesign with Technology project over the past year.  These ePortfolios highlight the faculty cohort’s innovative pedagogical strategies and accomplishments in addressing student success in their redesigned courses.

ECE 3320 Fields and Waves with Hands-On Lab, Online Tutorials, & Online HomeworkVakilian, VidaBakersfieldEngineering
PSYC 312 Social Psychology OnlineEvans, AllisonBakersfieldPsychology
ENGL 103 Hybrid English Using Zoom and VoiceThreadVose, KimberlyChannel IslandsEnglish
MATH 448 Scientific Computing Using Virtual Lab Videos & MATLABFlores, CynthiaChannel IslandsMath
ENGL 103 Hybrid English Course Using VoiceThread, Peer Review and Online VideosJordan, RachaelChannel IslandsEnglish
ENGL 105 Using Web Tools in a Hybrid English Composition ClassAnderson, StaceyChannel IslandsEnglish
CHEM 108 Hybrid Organic Chemistry Using Online Videos, SI and ClickersAnderson, TiffaniChicoChemistry
CHEM 270 Organic Chemistry Using SI, Clickers and Online ResourcesZhang, JinsongChicoChemistry
NFSC 2001 Fully Online Nutrition Course Using Online Lectures and Google DocsBellis McCafferty, DeborahChicoNutrition
CMST 131 Hybrid Speech Communication Course Using Peer Instruction & Online VideosBerner, RebeccaChicoCommunication
MECH 210 Material Science with SIOConnor, DennisChicoScience
NURS 414 Management of Maladaptive Behavior Clinical Course Using Virtual LabsModlin, SusanChicoNursing
CHEM 112 General Chemistry Redesign Using Adaptive Learning and SIOtt, LisaChicoChemistry
MGMT 304 Fully Online Management Course Using Adaptive LearningRahn, DavidChicoBusiness
HIST 130 Flipping US History with Clickers and VideosNissen, KarenChicoHistory
GEOS 101 Flipping General Geology Using Clickers & Active LearningAird, HannahChicoGeology
NURS 343 Clinical Nursing Course Using Virtual LabsScheer, JaneChicoNursing
GEOG 101 Using Virtual Labs in Physical GeographySato, NoriyukiChicoVirtual Labs
NSCI 141 Physical Science Using Using Clickers, Simulations and Online VideosVan Dusen, BenChicoScience
SMFG 386 Manufacturing Automation Systems Using Robot Emulation Tools and Virtual LabsAnderson, NathanChicoVirtual Labs
PHYS 204A Flipping Physics Using Clickers and Active LearningNelson, NicholasChicoPhysics
GEOS 101 Flipping General Geology with Active Learning and ClickersTeasdale, RachelChicoGeology
Political Science 155 Creating Learning CommunitiesErtle, EllieChicoAmerican Government
PHYS 204B Introductory Physics Using Clickers and an Online Interactive Textbook PerusallArpin, PaulChicoPhysics
PHYS 204C Introductory Physics Using Active Learning and ClickersPetrova-Mayor, AnnaChicoPhysics
MATH 119 Flipping Pre-Calculus Mathematics with Online Videos, Online Assignments, and LivescribeBailey, PaulChicoMath
HUMN 220 Flipping Ancient/Medieval Humanities Course Using Active Learning & Web Based ApplicationsSparks, CoreyChicoHistory
BIOL 360 Flipping Genetics Course Using Videos and ClickersKeller, DavidChicoEngineering
CSCI 446 Active Learning in Computer Networking Using Online AssignmentsHamouda El Hafsi, EssiaChicoComputer Science
Hybrid Introductory Statistics Using Virtual Labs and SIGray, KathyChicoStatistics
MECH 208 Hybrid Technical Computing Course Using Online Videos and SIAnderson, NathanChicoComputer Science
CHEM 112 Hybrid Chemistry Course Using Active Learning, Online Homework, and SIWasinger, ErikChicoChemistry
CMST 255 Active Learning in Argumentations and DebatePeterson, SueChicoCommunication
BIO 220 Molecular Biology Using Team-Based Learning, SI and ClickersChun, HelenDominguez HillsBiology
BIO 220 Molecular Biology Using Team-Based Learning, SI and ClickersChun, HelenDominguez HillsBiology
CHE 108 Introduction to College Chemistry Using Team-Based Learning & SIRodriguez, KennethDominguez HillsChemistry
CHE 108 College Chemistry Using a Team-Based Approach, SI and ClickersPu, LihungDominguez HillsChemistry
CSC 123 Introduction to Computer Science Using Project Based Learning and SIHan, JackDominguez HillsComputer Science
POSC 1201 Politics as Performance Art: Interpreting Hamilton the Musical in an American Institutions CourseBergman, ElizabethEast BayPolitical Science
ACCT 3212 Intermediate Accounting Using SI and ALEKSGuo, YingEast BayAccounting
HIST 1101 History of the US Using Virtual Labs, Active Learning and SIPare, KarenEast BayHistory
HIST 1102 Redesigning with Small Group Instruction and Video TutorialsFrancois, SamanthaEast BayHistory
CS 3240 Data Structures and Algorithms Using Adaptive Learning and SIZhong, JiaofeiEast BayComputer Science
ACCT 2253 Managerial Accounting Using LearnSmart and SILin, RobertEast BayAccounting
English 10 English Composition Using Mobile TechnologyPaul, MaryFresnoEnglish
CLAS 9 Flipping Chicano Artistic ExpressionHerrera, CristinaFresnoEthnic Studies
CM 1S Gaming and Badging in Construction ManagementWu, WeiFresnoEngineering
BIO 102 Blended Course Strategies and Mobile TechnologiesRoss, JosephFresnoBiology
CSCI 40 Improving Thinking by Coding in the CloudRuby, DavidFresnoComputer Science
CE 125 Increasing Student Engagement in a Discover-e tablet Based Course in EngineeringOka, LalitaFresnoEngineering
Introduction Geology with Virtual LabsWeinman, BethFresnoGeology
CLAS 9 Flipping Chicano Artistic ExpressionSantana, AdelaFresnoEthnic Studies
CM107L Advanced Construction Structures Laboratory with Virtual LabsLuo, VivienFresnoVirtual Labs
MATH 6 Flipped and Supplemental Instruction PreCalculus CourseSomayajulu, RaviFresnoMath
NURS 411 Use of Shadow Health in Adults with Complex Health AlterationsJung, DeannaFullertonNursing
CRJU 300 Clickers and Online Homework in Criminal JusticeCass, AmyFullertonCriminal Justice
Math 115 Flipping College AlgebraIchinose, CherieFullertonMath
KNES 351 Flipped and Blended/Hybrid Kinesiology RedesignGalpin, AndrewFullertonKinesiology
NURS 321 Augmenting Health Assessment with a Virtual Patient SimulatorBodan, RebeccaFullertonNursing
ACCT 302 Cost Accounting Supplemental VideosLee, ElisaFullertonAccounting
ACCT 302 Cost Accounting Supplemental VideosKaran, VijayFullertonAccounting
ECON 104 Improving Learning and Success in the Online EnvironmentLancaster, JaimeHumboldtEconomics
STAT 109 Hybrid Redesign for Introductory Biostatistics CourseHasan, AbeerHumboldtStatistics
ANTH 104 Improving Student Success by Increasing Interactivity and Active Learning OpportunitiesRobertson, RebeccaHumboldtAnthropology
HIST 111 History Course Redesigned for OnlineAronoff, GuyHumboldtHistory
HIST 173 History Lecture Course Redesigned with Active Learning Through Learning CommunitiesWilford, HughLong BeachHistory
PSY 3020 Flipped Instruction for Psychology StatisticsDennis, JessicaLos AngelesPsychology
POLS 281 The Culbert Effect: Overcoming the Fear of NumbersCulbert, GarLos AngelesPolitical Science
PSY 302 Inferential Statistics with Flipped InstructionSon, JiLos AngelesStatistics
POLS 1000 Enhancing Student Engagement in a Large Lecture Lower-Division GE CourseLim, TimothyLos AngelesPolitical Science
202 Flipping US History
Endy, ChristopherLos AngelesHistory
PSY 301 Online Modules Development in Psychology RedesignFahmie, TaraNorthridgePsychology
PSY 301 Online Modules Development in Psychology RedesignMalmberg, DebraNorthridgePsychology
ECE 240 Flipped Course Redesign for Engineering Fundamentals and Supplemental Instruction Ou, JackNorthridgeVirtual Labs
HCSI 488 Health Science Course Hybrid RedesignOkeefe Bahr, KaitlinNorthridgeHealth Science
MUS 212 Online Practice with Feedback in MusicianshipMcCaffrey, A.J.NorthridgeMusic
ME 232 Flipping a Fluid Mechanics Course with Adaptive Learning SoftwareNissenson, PaulPomonaEngineering
IME 314 Flipping Probability and Statistics in Engineering/LabFallah Fini, Saeideh PomonaEngineering
FRL 301 Redesign Managerial Finance II with TechnologyYu, WeiPomonaBusiness
BIO 303 Introductory Genetics, flipped classroom redesignAlas, StevePomonaBiology
Virtual Labs for Physical GeographyWu, LinPomonaVirtual Labs
ME 219 Redesigning a Course in Strength of Materials with Supplemental InstructionPiroozan, ParhamPomonaEngineering
ME 415 Heat Transfer with Supplemental InstructionShafahi, MaryamPomonaEngineering
BIO 303 Introductory Genetics, flipped classroom redesignArensburger, PeterPomonaBiology
ME 415 Flipping Heat Transfer Course with TechnologyLakeh, RezaPomonaEngineering
IE 416 Flipping Redesigning Operations Research IMirzaei, Shokoufeh PomonaEngineering
IE 436 Redesign with Supplemental InstructionAbedini, KamranPomonaEngineering
GEO 101 Physical Geography with Virtual LabsIn Huh, Kyung PomonaVirtual Labs
CHM 201 Mind Games for Mastery: Organic Chemistry Success by Improving Students' Mindset, Attitude and PersistenceStarkey, LauriePomonaChemistry
CHE 302 Beginning Thermodynamics Flipped Course RedesignLee, LloydPomonaEngineering
IBM 411 Buyer Behavior Hybrid and Flipping Course RedesignLiu, XinPomonaBusiness
CHE 302 Course Redesign ThermodynamicsLi, Mingheng PomonaEngineering
ARO 327 Online Quiz Development for Engineering CourseCoburn, ToddPomonaEngineering
Flipping Transportation Engineering LabWu, Xinkai PomonaEngineering
PSYC 145 Partially Hybrid Social PsychologyHarrison, LisaSacramentoPsychology
ME 105 Introduction to Technical Problem SolvingEke, EstelleSacramentoEngineering
BIO 122 Hybrid Biology Course Redesign with Virtual LabsErnst, AlanSacramentoVirtual Labs
PSYC 101 Using Team-Based Learning in the
Strand, SarahSacramentoPsychology
SPAN 7 Redesigning a Spanish reading course as an online courseMayberry, MariaSacramentoSpanish
PSYC 101 Statistics for Psych via Flipped and SICyrenne, De-LaineSacramentoPsychology
JAPAN 1A Flipping Intensive Elementary Japanese with TechnologyMasuyama, KazueSacramentoJapanese
CE 147 Virtual Pre-Labs for Hydraulics LaboratoryPoindexter, CristinaSacramentoVirtual Labs
CHDV 133 Research in Human DevelopmentGonzalez, AmberSacramentoChildhood Development
CHEM 6B Using Backwards Design to Integrate Appropriate Technology in a General, Organic and Biochemistry CourseSavage, ThomasSacramentoChemistry
ANTH 1 Biological Anthropology Virtual/Hybrid LaboratoryCahoon, AutumnSacramentoAnthropology
PSYC 101 Flipping an Upper Division Statistics CourseFurtak-Nguyen, SharonSacramentoPsychology
CE 147 Using Virtual Labs to Reinforce Learning in Transportation EngineeringKhan, GhazanSacramentoVirtual Labs
COMM 400 Online Communication Research MethodologyHeisterkamp, BrianSan BernardinoCommunications
Using Adaptive Learning in a Communication Research Methods ClassPopescu, MihealaSan BernardinoCommunications
CJUS 312 Online Statistics in Criminal JusticeKremling, JanineSan BernardinoCriminal Justice
PHYS 354 Flipped Modern PhysicsBaljon, ArletteSan DiegoPhysics
SLHS 321 Incorporating Many Technologies into Anatomy and Physiology of SpeechNip, IgnatiusSan DiegoSpeech
MATH 254 Introduction to Linear Algebra with Supplemental Instruction & TechnologyBlomgren, PeterSan DiegoMath
370 Incorporating Technology and Prezi into Principles ofMarketing
Bitner-Olson, LoisSan DiegoMarketing
MATH 342A Learning Glass and Team-Based Learning in Methods of Applied MathematicsLuque, AntoniSan DiegoMath
RWS 305 Taking Intermediate Writing OnlineHughes, KatieSan DiegoEnglish
HTM/CFS 351 Asian Food, Culture, and Hospitality
Ferns, BoSan FranciscoHumanities
PHYS 230 Flipped General Physics II (E&M), Calculus-basedMan, WeiningSan FranciscoPhysics
AU 301 Bay Area Culture in Hybrid FormatRichardson, PeterSan FranciscoHumanities
THA 401 Scaling an Upper Division Humanities Course and Moving OnlineDaw, KurtSan FranciscoTheatre
ENG 104 Mechanics of Solids - Mobile LearningJiang, ZhaoshuoSan FranciscoEngineering
PHYS 220 Flipping Calculus-based Introductory PhysicsBarranco, JosephSan FranciscoPhysics
ENGL 104 Tech-Enhanced First Year CompositionWong, ChrystalSan FranciscoEnglish
MKT 130 Online Principles of MarketingEaster, MarilynSan JoseBusiness
ENGR 100 Flipped Hybrid Technical Writing Course for EngineersKnapp, StaceySan JoseEngineering
NURS 24 Enhancing the Adult Care Management with Innovative Learning StrategiesO'Leary-Kelley, ColleenSan JoseNursing
CS 46A Online Introduction to Programming with JavaO'Brien, KathleenSan JoseComputer Science
HIST 10B Active and Inclusive Learning in a Western Civilization CourseKatsev, AllisonSan JoseHistory
MATH 142 Using 3D Manipulatives in Calculus 2Lin, JoyceSan Luis ObispoMath
MATH 241 Making Calculus Concepts Concrete with 3D ManipulativesPearse, ErinSan Luis ObispoMath
PHYS 141 Mechanics Flipped, Parallel, Online, and in Collaboration
Schwartz, PeterSan Luis ObispoPhysics
BIOL 211 Retooling and Making Biology AccessibleMustard, RobertSan MarcosBiology
CHEM 341 General Biochemistry with Labster Virtual Lab ModulesHamadani, KambizSan MarcosVirtual Labs
BIOL 211 Increasing Student Success in Organismal BiologyBrown, TraceySan MarcosBiology
Flipping CHEM 101Dickinson, AnnSan MarcosChemistry
BIOL 316 Flipping Coastal EnvironmentsSimokat, ChristinaSan MarcosBiology
CS 213 UnknownMosleh, Sahar San MarcosComputer Science
PHYS 336 Abnormal Psychology: Integrating Technology and Flipped ActivitiesGonzalez, GerardoSan MarcosPsychology
Math 115 Flipping College AlgebraOrloff, MaiSan MarcosMath
PSYC 360 Tech and SI in BiopsychologyCook, TheresaSan MarcosPsychology
FIN 304 Active Learning in Flipped Finance Class for Improved Student EngagementSun, QuiSan MarcosFinance
ACCT 301 Flipped and Supplemental Instruction RedesignHee, KevinSan MarcosAccounting
CHEM 115A Training SI Leaders for General ChemistryWorks, CarmenSonomaChemistry
ENGL 1002 Online Course RedesignGrimshaw, RachelStanislausEnglish
ECON 2500 Flipping Principles of MacroeconomicsJasek-Rysdahl, KelvinStanislausEconomics

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2016-2017 Summer Institute Sustaining Success ePortfolio Showcase

The 2016-2017 Sustaining Success ePortfolios listed below represent an ongoing project that extends the work and outcomes of their initial Course Redesign with Technology project.  These ePortfolios highlight the faculty’s innovative pedagogical strategies and accomplishments in addressing student success in their redesigned courses.

CHEM 111 Flipping Chemistry and Exploring Historical TrendsDonatello, RobinChicoChemistry
153 Pre-Calculus and Institutionalize Across the Campus
Lanaghan, SharonDominguez HillsMath
BIOL 1403 Assessing the Significance of Supplemental Instruction in an Introductory Course for Freshmen Biology MajorsWildy, E.; Yeager, E.; Nguyen, J.; Hanna, W; Weiss, J.East BayBiology
MATH 1810 Business Math with Remediation and Supplementary InstructionYap, ShirleyEast Bay Math
History Courses -Evaluating Pedagogy, Student Learning Outcomes, and Student Profiles
Ford, B.; Henderson, M.; Janssen, V.; Jones, B.; Lyon, C. East Bay, San Marcos, Fullerton, Fresno, San BernardionoHistory
US History Survey Courses: Scaling to Larger Sections and Integrating Peer Mentors
Birte, PflegerLos AngelesHistory
101 Improving Resource Sharing Among Sociology Faculty in Introductory Statistics
Berg, EllenSacramentoStatistics
History 15A Sustaining Engagement and Build Communityy Among Faculty
Chilton, Katherine; Guardino, LauraSan JoseHistory
General Education Science Class Using Online SimulationNg, KarnoSan MarcosChemistry
CHEM 1112 Using Online Prelab Videos and AssessmentsRussell, ScottStanislausChemistry