2017-2018 Biology/Chemistry Cohort

Our cohort utilizes a myraid of redesign efforts. Just as a representative example, several redesigns include converting to hybrid classrooms, developing metacognitive activities, utilizing various assessment strategies, and the implementation of Supplemental Instruction.

Biology/Chemistry Redesign Cohort Leads,
Joseph Ross and Erik Wasinger, Ph.D.

erikAbout Joseph Ross:  Joe is a sixth-year Assistant Professor of Biology and teaches predominantly upper-division majors genetics and evolution courses at Fresno State. He conducts genetics research projects with independent study undergraduates and Masters students, funded predominantly by the National Institutes of Health and by CSUPERB. He is also deeply involved on campus and in the CSU system in faculty professional development for course augmentation with technology, recently becoming an Apple Distinguished Educator.

Redesign Strategy: Redesigned genetics to leverage mobile technology, provided more authentic experiences, and improved quantitative analysis and information literacy skills.

Redesign Outcomes: Provided more case studies and interaction, use of in-class polling to enhance active learning and to improve course attendance throughout the semester.

Top 3 Pedagogies Used Mobile technology, flipped classroom, active learning

Technologies Used: Mobile devices, lecture capture, polling

ePortfolio: http://tiny.cc/RossCRTLead

erikkkAbout Erik Wasinger:   Erik has been been teaching for ten years at Chico State, primarily General Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry and our integrated Laboratory series. In addition to his course redesign to convert General Chemistry to a hybrid online course, he has been actively involved in ramping up Supplemental Instruction at Chico State. Erik also works to help train faculty and SI Leaders in order to bring down DFW rates, eliminate achievement gaps, and promote a greater understanding of our students’ barriers to learning upon entering our courses.

Redesign Strategy: A hybrid model was developed to deliver a majority of course content online, allowing active learning modules to be used during class time. In addition, UMKC Supplemental Instruction (SI) was applied to the course.

Redesign Outcomes:  The combination of in-class active learning, combined with active learning in SI has begun to change the culture of the class.

Top 3 Pedagogies UsedSupplemental Instruction, hybrid classroom, active learning

Technologies Used: Videos, online homework, Camtasia, LMS, Google

ePortfolio: http://tiny.cc/WasingerCRTLead

Cohort Meeting Dates/Times:   Meets 2:00-3:00 pm on Sept 15, Oct 13, Dec 8, Jan 26, Feb 23, Mar 23, April 27

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