2017-2018 History/Political Science Cohort

At the end of the summer institute, our cohort gave itself a nickname: The Engagers. Our common thread centers around engaging students through active and social learning strategies. To increase student engagement in large classes, some of us will explore clickers. Others in our cohort will employ Google Docs and Zoom office hours to increase student interactions with each other and with their professor. To increase time for classroom engagement, many of us will adopt online homework and quizzes and flipping.

History/Political Science Redesign Cohort Leads,
Chris Endy & Ellie Ertle

cendyAout Chris Endy:  Chris has taught U.S. history at Cal State LA since 2000. As a historian, his research focuses on the Cold War and the history of cultural exchanges across borders. As a teacher-scholar, he is especially interested in history teacher training (K-12 and higher-education levels), team-based learning techniques, and the use of peer mentors in lower-level bottleneck classes. In 2014, he was appointed a Special Assistant to the President at Cal State LA to work on peer mentoring in high-DFW courses.

Redesign Strategy: Redesign employed a backwards course design, active learning, team-based learning, low-stakes assessments, peer mentoring, flipped pedagogy, online tools and IRB-approved surveys of student mindsets.

Redesign Outcomes: Backwards course design, team-based learning and in-class peer mentors provided students with a support network.  Low-stakes assessments and frequent feedback allowed students to develop skills and confidence.

Top 3 Pedagogies Used Hybrid, active learning, online writing

Technologies Used:  Open educational resources, online homework

ePortfolio: http://tiny.cc/EndyCRTLead

ertleAbout Ellie Ertle:  Ellie has been teaching Political Science at CSU, Chico since 2004. Her teaching focuses on American Government, Research methods and Political philosophy and participation. She is currently working toward a doctorate in education at UC Davis and interested in the application of social learning theories and civic pedagogies in American Government courses. She has been involved in course redesign efforts at Chico since 2009 and served three years as the Director of Civic Engagement for the university where she engaged in faculty development and strategic planning.

Redesign Strategy: Redesigned a seminar course organizing the content around a collaborative project. Course “content” was learned through open source reading.

Redesign Outcomes: Asset-based approach to teaching and learning. Active engagement and application of new ideas while in class together.

Top 3 Pedagogies UsedSocial learning strategies, flipped classroom, project-based

Technologies Used: Adaptive learning, open source tools (videos, readings, polling software, ePortfolio platforms, etc).

ePortfolio: http://tiny.cc/ErtleCRTLead

Cohort Meeting Dates/Times:   Friday 9:00-10:00 am via Zoom

  • August 25
  • September 15
  • October 13
  • November 17

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