2017-2018 Marketing Cohort

In the past four years, we have had many faculty in the cohort who adopted technology similar to what I have used which includes: adaptive learning, partially flipped classes, and Prezi presentations. This coming year, the members from four CSU schools will adopting a variety of technological methods to improve students outcomes. We have all shared what we have done to date and what we want to adopt and there is a variety of methods and many hybrid course redesigns.

Marketing Redesign Cohort Lead,
Lois Olson, Ph.D.

olsonAbout the Lead: Lois has been teaching Marketing and a bit of Management at SDSU for 30 years. She has nearly 700 students a semester and has been using technology for 9 years to successfully reduce the bottlenecks in the Principles of Marketing class. She has been a participant in the CSU CRT program for 4 years and has had cohort members from 8 different CSU campuses over the years. Additionally, she is a staunch advocate of the SDSU philosophy of encouraging students to study abroad. Since 2016, she has been leading at least one faculty-study abroad. For the past three years , she has been taking classes to Shanghai, Bangkok, and Prague.

Redesign Strategy: Fully online class redesign using online exercises, quizzes and adaptive learning assignments required students to review chapters early. It gave them a working knowledge of terms and concepts before we covered them in class.

Redesign Outcomes: Repetition of concepts using the SmartBook highlighting, and having Prezi lectures also available for replay via Camtasia.

Top 3 Pedagogies UsedFully Online

Technologies Used: Online homework through adaptive learning, Camtasia lectures, Proctor-U, Prezi presentation materials,  and Smart Book- the text highlighted by faculty.

ePortfolio: http://tiny.cc/BitnerCRTLead

Cohort Meeting Dates/Times:  11:00-12:00 via zoom the second Friday each month.

Cohort Members CampusRedesign Course
Lois Olson (Lead)San DiegoMKTG 370
Lynn ForsytheFresnoBA 18
Ida JonesFresnoBA 18
Deborah KempFresnoBA 18
Robert LinEast BayACCT 2253
Nicole NortonSan JoseECON 1B
Tianqin ShiSan JoseBUS 5140

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