CSU Supplemental Instruction Strategies: Sharing and Adopting Proven Practices

By | August 17, 2017

In response to campus requests, the CSU Academic Technology Services offered a free one-day Supplemental Instruction (SI) demonstration, workshop, and planning meeting on Friday, April 21 at the Chancellor’s Office. Each campus sent up to four participants, with suggested attendees being the AVP for Student Success, Institutional Research Director, Director of SI/Learning Services, STEM Dean.

Supplemental Instruction is a high-impact practice for student success, proven to increase student retention, mitigate student risk factors, minimize achievement gaps, and improve time to degree. Participants will hear from CSU campuses who have received national and international recognition for their implementation of specific methodologies of Supplemental Instruction (SI), administration of SI services, and evidence of significantly increased student success and closing achievement gaps. The afternoon will include breakout sessions led by these campuses, where deeper conversations can occur regarding how to develop and manage an effective SI program, as well as how to gather and analyze data on the impact of SI on student success. Finally, there will be a moderated panel presentation by student SI Leaders, who are the core component of SI programs.

Agenda, recordings, and resources from the event.