QOLT Awardees

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During the 2013-2014 academic year, QOLT was implemented across 17 CSU campuses. Instructors from these campuses performed a self-evaluation with the QOLT instrument, received student ratings  (over 1,200 total) via QOLT, and were reviewed by campus peers using the QOLT instrument. Each campus then submitted up to 3 courses for consideration at the system level. These sets of data were further analyzed by a CSU QOLT Review Team to determine the list of QOLT Awardees, below.

Congratulations, to the following instructors!

2014-2015 QOLT Awardees, listed alphabetically by campus:

  • CSU Bakersfield, Adam Pennell, Walking, (Online)
  • CSU Chico, Dorothy Kennedy, Fundamentals of Teaching Practice (Online)
  • CSU East Bay, Kevin Kaatz, World Civilizations III, (Online)
  • CSU Fresno, Miles Ishigaki, Introduction to Fundamentals of Music, (Online)
  • CSU Fullerton, Janna Kim, Elements of Effective Professional Communication, (Online)
  • CSU Humboldt, Amanda Admire, Earthquake Country, (Online)
  • CSU Long Beach, Rica Young, Computer Technology in Education, Level 1, (Hybrid/Blended)
  • CSU San Luis Obispo, Bridget Benson, Introduction to Digital Design (Online)
  • CSU San Marcos, Pamela Kohlbry, Health promotion for individuals (Online)
  • CSU Sonoma, Cinzia Forasiepi, Teaching Second Language Learners (Hybrid/Blended)

2013-2014 QOLT Awardees, listed alphabetically by campus:

  • CSU Bakersfield, Allison Evans, Social Psychology (Online)
  • CSU Chico, Thomas Parker, World Religions and Global Issues, (Online)
  • CSU East Bay, Li-Ling Chen, Web as an Interactive Educational Tool, (Hybrid)
  • CSU Fullerton, Randy Hoffman, Introduction to Managerial Accounting, (Hybrid)
  • CSU Humboldt, Christine Dobrowolski, Optimal Bone and Muscle Development, (Online)
  • CSU San Marcos, Jeanne Weidner, Microbiology, (Online)
  • CSU Sonoma, Catherine Wynia, Biofeedback, Somatics & Stress Management, (Hybrid)
  • CSU Stanislaus, Marjorie Chan, Business Policy, (Online)

2012-2013 QOLT Awardees, listed alphabetically by campus:

  • Robert Carlisle, CSU Bakersfield, “Structure of English” (online)
  • Ben Seipel, CSU Chico, “Educational Psychology” (online)
  • Li-Ling Chen, CSU East Bay, “Computer-Based Technologies in the Classroom” (online)
  • June Weintraub, CSU East Bay, “Environmental Health” (online)
  • xtine Burrough, CSU Fullerton, “Digital Foundations” (online)
  • Mary Scoggin & Rebecca Robertson, CSU Humboldt, “Intro to Cultural Anthropology” (online)
  • Tasha Souza, CSU Humboldt, “Intercultural Communications” (blended)
  • Kimberly Karner, CSU Northridge, “Anthropology: Visions of the Sacred” (blended)
  • Shahnaz Loftipour, Cal Poly Pomona, “Graphic Design & Animation for Ed Multimedia” (blended)
  • Johnathan Anderson, CSU San Bernardino, “Research Methods in Admininstration” (online)
  • Amy Conley Wright, San Francisco State University, “Child & Adolescent Dev Internship” (blended)
  • Jessica Parker, Sonoma State University, “Educational Technology Praxis” (blended)

2011-2012 QOLT Awardees, listed alphabetically by campus

  • Greg Childers, CSU Fullerton, “Energy & Sustainability”
  • Victoria Costa & Kristen Shand, CSU Fullerton, “Proficiency in Ed Tech for Secondary Teachers”
  • Joanne Greenbaum, CSU Fullerton, “Critical Reading/Thinking”
  • Marsha Orr, CSU Fullerton, “The Process of Teaching in Nursing”
  • Priya Shah, CSU Fullerton, “Gender and Globalization”
  • Jayne McQuire, CSU Humboldt, “Education of Exceptional Individuals”
  • Debi Choudhary, CSU Northridge, “Elementary Astronomy”
  • Ellis Godard, CSU Northridge, “Research Methods”
  • Peri Klemm, CSU Northridge, “World Arts: Africa, Oceania, Native America”
  • Talin Saroukhanian, CSU Northridge, “American National, State and Local Government”
  • Ashley Skylar, CSU Northridge, “Improving Learning of Students with Special Needs”
  • Aaron Anderson, San Francisco State University, “Managing Organizational Change”
  • Brian Beatty, San Francisco State University, “Instructional Systems Design”
  • Mary Beth Love, San Francisco State, “Health & Social Justice: Burning Issues & Taking Action”
  • Jo Tomalin, San Francisco State University, “Business of Acting”
  • Mya Vaughn, San Francisco State, “Professional Identity & Ethical Behavior in RehabCounseling”
  • Melissa Hargis, CSU San Marcos, “Intermediate Spanish”
  • Katherine Hayden, CSU San Marcos, “Digital Storytelling to Inspire K-12 Classrooms”
  • Cynthia Metoyer, CSU San Marcos, “Gender Global Politics”
  • Penny Perkins-Johnson, CSU San Marcos, “Human Anatomy & Physiology”
  • Laura Spencer, CSU San Marcos, “Software & Website Evaluation & Tools”
  • Michelle Kelly, Sonoma State University, “Community Nursing”
  • Laura Naumann, Sonoma State University, “Stereotyping & Prejudice”
  • Jessica Parker, Sonoma State University, “Multimedia & Information Literacy”