Course Review Cycles & Timeline

Spring 2019 REVIEW CYCLES (Accepting Applications)

  1. Applications submitted by 3/1/19 will have a review start date of 3/15/19 or after
  2. Applications submitted by 4/1/19 will have a review start date of 4/15/19 or after
  3. Applications submitted by 5/1/19 will have a review start date of 5/15/19 or after (added cycle)

6 Week Course REview Cycle

  • Week 1: Application reviewed
  • Week 2: Review team is set up and notified
  • Week 3: Course review launches with the pre-review conference call
  • Weeks 3-6: Review team reviews course using QLT Instrument/QM Rubric
  • Week 6: Review team concludes review with the post-review conference call, final report is submitted, and QA campus lead and instructor are notified