Certified Quality Online Courses

Quality Matters logoQLT-Certified-BadgeThe Chancellor’s Office, Academic Technology Services has established “Formal Course Review” of online courses across the 23-campus system using the CSU QLT or QM rubric with the goal to build a culture of quality and continuous improvement in online course offerings through cross-campus collaboration and recognition of mature courses that successfully meet QLT and/or QM standards. A team of three certified reviewers review the course from the student perspective, apply the rubric, and providing feedback for course improvement. Courses meeting this level of certification are listed below. Instructors will be able to place a certification logo inside their fully online or blended course.


Instructor NameCampusCourse Name (sorted by most recently certified)Date Certified
Jaffe, KarinSonoma Human Development in Evolutionary Perspectives (ANTH 318) 2020-12-15
Schiele, KristenPomonaDigital Marketing (GBA 5990)2020-08-21
Torres, SantosSacramentoCross Cultural Theory and Practice: Issues of Race, Gender, and Class 2020-08-18
Comelo, AnilEast BayOrganizational Behavior (MGMT 310)2020-06-25
Ding, KaiEast BayPrinciples of Macroeconomics (ECON 205)2020-06-16
Hunter, DebraSan JoseLING 21 Language and Thinking 2020-06-08
Perttula, KelsiEast BayChemistry and Society (CHEM 106)2020-05-25
Morrison, JenniferSan JoseJunior Seminar: Theorizing Communication (COMM 101C) 2020-05-16
Rajan, BalaramanEast BayHealthcare Operations (MGMT 460)2020-04-04
Damaraju, Lakshmi NagaSonomaSeminar in Management Strategy & Policy (BUS 491)2020-03-26
Van Wart, MontgomerySan BernardinoAdministrative Regulation (PA 672)2020-03-26
Klein, BenjaminEast BayWorld History II: 16th Century C.E. - Present (HIST 102)2020-02-18
Torres, SantosSacramentoTheories of Criminal Behavior (SWRK 126) 2020-02-07
Dekofsky, Brooke Long BeachIntroductory Nutrition (NUTR 132)2020-01-28
Tan, JohnEast BayFederal Taxation for Partnerships (ACCT 433)2020-01-20
Sharpp, TaraSacramentoTheoretical Foundations for Leadership and Management (NURS 173)2020-01-14
Vilhauer, HeatherEast BayStrategic Leadership & Ethics (REC 610) 2020-01-06
Lankham, IsaiahEast BayIssues in Statistics (STAT 697)2019-12-30
Decker, Kelly East BayEnvironmental Biology (ENSC 240)2019-12-16
Decker, Kelly East BayEnvironmental Biology Lab (ENSC 241)2019-12-16
Derksen, CraigEast BayBio Ethics (PHIL 312)2019-11-11
Tan, John East BayFederal Taxation for Partnerships (ACCT 433)2019-11-08
Kahn, AdamLong BeachMedia Effects (COMM 422)2019-11-08
Aziz, SartazEast BayCollege Writing II (ENGL 1002)2019-10-30
Akkus ,OylumEast BayStatistics in Everyday Life (STAT 101)2019-10-25
Derksen, CraigEast BayWorkshop in Critical Thinking (PHIL 100)2019-10-24
Khosla, NidhiEast BayHIV/AIDS in a Global Context (HSC 445)2019-10-16
Akhavian, RezaEast BayCost Accounting Control and Reporting in Construction (CMGT 660)2019-10-09
Wang, JianjunBakersfieldEducational Research (EDRS 4600)2019-10-03
Handwerker, Lisa East BayLifespan Human Development (HDEV 380)2019-09-109
Hopkinson, BillEast BayDesign and Implement User Interfaces for Online Instruction (OTL 682)2019-09-30
Espana-Najera, AnnabellaFresnoLatin American Studies (CLAS 170)2019-09-18
Ferrarello, SusiEast BayWorkshop in Critical Thinking (PHIL 100)2019-09-16
Castronovo, Fadi East BayEngineering Graphics for Construction Management (CMGT 410)2019-09-04
Selvarajan, RajanEast BayStaffing and Talent Management (MGMT 404)2019-08-26
Lopes, Maria-ApareciaFresnoMexico&The Southwest, 1810-1910 (CLAS 114) 2019-08-20
Baxter, SallyEast BayCollege Writing II (ENGL 200)2019-08-11
Carlisle, RobertBakersfieldSociolinguistics (ENGL 420)2019-08-07
Farmer, LesleyLong BeachInformation and Digital Literacies (ETEC 523)2019-08-02
Aguilera, EarlFresnoC & I & Technology in Secondary Classrooms (CI 149)2019-08-01
Rippy, MichelleEast BayForensic Science (CRJ 380)2019-07-30
Anderson, JonathanSan BernardinoPublic Administration Theory and Practice (PA 611)2019-07-24
Conrad, JoannEast BayFolklore and Anthropology (ANTH 331)2019-07-16
Mitchell, JamesEast BayContent Literacy/English Language Learners (TED 521)2019-07-16
Espinoza, AlidaFresnoIntroduction to Human Sexuality (PH 91)2019-07-10
Dang, MichelleSacramentoFoundations for Evidence-Based Nursing Practice (NURS 170)2019-07-10
Ault, MichaelBakersfieldAmerican Government & Politics (PLSI 101)2019-07-09
Barrett, NatalieFresnoDeaf Culture (CSDS 139) 2019-07-08
Klein, BenjaminEast BayWorld History I: Pre-History c. 1500CE (HIST 101)2019-06-14
Irwin, Mary AnnEast BayHistory and Trends in Nursing (HIST 447)2019-06-14
He, HeidiBakersfieldPathophysiologic Basis of Illness & Disease (NURS 4230)2019-06-10
Yonkers, MichaelFresnoEvidence (CRIM 127)2019-05-20
Rippy, MichelleEast BayAdvanced Criminal Investigation (CRJ 340)2019-05-17
Lin, RobertEast BayIIntro to Managerial Accounting (ACCT 215)2019-05-13
Evans, AllisonBakersfieldSocial Psychology (PSYC 3260)2019-05-08
Carlisle, RobertBakersfieldThe Structure of English (ENGL 3620)2019-04-25
Chen, Rong-Ji; Marion, RobinSan MarcosResearch Methods in Education (EDUC 622)2019-04-19
Suarez, TheresaSan MarcosSenior Capstone in Community Service (SOC 495)2019-04-19
Sapozhnikov, MarinaEast BayDiscursive Writing (ENGL 302)2019-04-16
Wang, JianjunBakersfieldEducational Statistics (EDRS 6600)2019-03-27
Prucha, HudaEast BayExercise and Well-Being (KIN 461)2019-03-22
Handwerker, Lisa East BayAnthropology of Global Change (ANTH 300)2019-03-18
Mosley, TammieEast BayProblems in Corporate Finance (FIN 410)2019-03-12
Greathouse, MichaelEast BayLegal Research and Writing I (POSC 801)2019-03-08
Guptill, AnneEast BayBuilding the Online Environment (OTL 680)2019-02-06
Chen, Li-LingEast BayCurrent Technologies (EDUI 680)2019-02-04
Stanley, Mary JoStanislausCommunity Health Theory (NURS 4400)2019-01-10
Del Mar Thomas, MariaEast BayBeginning Spanish for Healthcare Professionals (MLL 146) 2018-12-18
Carlisle, RobertBakersfieldInternational Folk Literature (ENGL 3440)2018-12-10
Glaeser, BarbaraFullertonResearch Practices in Instructional Design and Technology (IDT 510)2018-11-29
Jackson, SummerEast BayAdministration of Justice (CRJA 2500)2018-11-14
Mitchell, JamesEast BayProfessional Responsibilities in Education (TED 529)2018-10-30
Wu, ChongqiEast BayQuantitative Fundamentals for Analytics (BAN 602)2018-10-18
Prucha, HudaEast BayNutrition and Performance (KIN 162)2018-09-24
Raburn, PatriciaEast BayWriting for Proficiency (ENGL 3000)2018-09-17
Jessie, MildredFresnoAmerican History to 1877 (HIST 11)2018-09-10
Akhavian, RezaEast BayIssues in Construction Management (CMGT 6999)2018-08-25
Fanning, MichaelEast BaySchool Finance and Human Resources for Equity (EDLD 620) 2018-08-16
Salley, WittEast BayEducational Planning and Development for Online Programs (OTL 605)2018-08-13
Rippy, MichelleEast BayCrime Prevention and Control (CRJ 330)2018-08-03
Cavanaugh, ElizabethEast BayLaw Office Management (POSC 825)2018-08-02
Jardin, KeelinEast BayRT Program Planning and Implementation (REC 364)2018-08-02
Kim, KimberlyEast BayPreceptorship Synthesis (NURS 452)2018-08-02
Handwerker, Lisa East BayMedical Anthropology (QNTH 3720)2018-07-31
Munger, AshleyLos AngelesFamily Resource and Case Management (CHDV 3440)2018-07-26
Kong, ErickEast BayRT: Documentation and Assessment (REC 362)2018-07-23
Ionescu, ElenaLong BeachPerspectives on Gerontology (GERN 400)2018-07-09
Selvarajan, RajanEast BayBusiness and Professional Ethics (MGMT 3560)2018-07-02
Garza, LaceyEast BayBlackboard Training Course2018-06-26
Jacobs, MarcEast BayFrom Stage to Screen (THEA 242)2018-06-25
Powell, BrentStanislausFamily Health (KINS 4330)2018-06-18
Cleveland, StevenEast BayBlack Cinematic Tradition (ES 2300)2018-06-15
D'Alleva, MaryEast BayDiscursive Writing (ENGL 3003)2018-05-24
Fernandez, MariaLos AngelesHealth Care Delivery Systems (PH 4330)2018-05-22
Guo, JianshengEast BayLifespan Social and Emotional Development (HDEV 3102)2018-05-21
Marwah, SanjayEast BayAdvanced Policing Innovations (CRJ 410)2018-05-21
Knapp, StaceySan JoseEngineering Reports (ENGR 100W)2018-05-16
Hassman, TupeloEast BayRhetorical Analysis, Argumentation, and Research (ENGL 1002)2018-05-02
Daniels, ErikaSan MarcosFoundations of Literacy & Literacy Instruction (EDUC 606)2018-05-01
Mitchell, JamesEast BayTechnology in the Multiple Subjects Classroom (TED 507)2018-04-29
Adams, LeeEast BayIntroduction to Information Literacy (LIBY 1210)2018-04-20
Hedge, VishEast BayProject Management (MGMT 3110)2018-04-18
Yingling, VanessaEast BayStructural Kinesiology (KIN 3305)2018-04-18
Whiting, JasonFresnoInternational Tourism (RA 130)2018-04-05
Anderson, JonathanSan BernardinoManaging Diversity in Organizations (PA 619)2018-03-22
Furniss, AmyEast BayIntroductory Physics: Force, Mass, Motion, Thermal, and Fluids (PHYS 125)2018-03-15
Strom, KathrynEast BayQualitative and Quantitative Methods A (EDLD 8081)2018-03-15
Wu, MeilingEast BayModern Japanese Short Stories in English Translation (MLL 3812)2018-03-15
Ortega, DeliaSan BernardinoRace, Class, Gender, & Sexuality in the Lives of Women (ES 394)2018-03-08
Rao, AshaEast BayOrganizational Behavior (MGMT 3614)2018-02-27
Sapozhnikov, MarinaEast BayWriting for Proficiency (ENGL 300)2018-02-22
Diggs, NicoleEast BayHealth Care Policy Analysis (HCA 6260)
Helgren-Lempesis, ValerieEast BayExploring Education (TED 3001)2018-02-18
Park, NancyEast BayTraditional China (HIST 3311)2018-02-15
Lu, Hui-tzuEast BayIntermediate Mandarin Chinese I (MLL 2601)2018-01-28
Maloles, CesarEast BayMarketing Principles (MKTG 3401)2018-01-25
Bickley, TomEast BayIntro to Information Literacy (LIBY 1210)2018-01-24
Ituarte, SilvinaEast BayPrejudice Violence Hate Crimes (CRJA 4330)2018-01-23
Narguizian, PaulLos AngelesGlobal Change (BIOL 4200)2018-01-23
Buchanan, LindaEast BayWomen and Sport (KIN 2700)2018-01-22
Handwerker, LisaEast BayTheories of Human Development (HDEV 3201)2018-01-13
Chen, Li-LingEast BayResearch in Educational Technologies (EDUI 640)2017-12-20
Jackson, TyeLos AngelesPrinciples of Marketing (MKT 3100)2017-12-18
Park, NancyEast BayHIST 1015 World Civilization II (HIST 1015)2017-12-15
Guptill, AnneEast BayCreating Digital Media for Online Instruction (OTL 6781)2017-12-13
Mosley, TammieEast BayReal Estate Valuation (FIN 4415)2017-12-05
D'Alleva, MaryEast BayCollege Writing II (ENGL 1002)2017-12-01
Jardin, KeelinEast BayRec Therapy Processes (REC 4602)2017-11-17
Jelks, AltonEast BayPublic Policy Formulation (PUAD 6801)2017-11-14
Lankham, IsaiahEast BaySAS Programming (STAT 6250)2017-11-09
Lin, FrankSan BernardinoInformation Systems and Technology Management (IST 609)2017-11-03
Wu, MeilingEast BayModern Chinese Short Stories (MLL3612)2017-10-18
Rebessi, FilippoEast BayGlobal Economics Analysis (ECON 3107)2017-09-28
Hannon, RieEast BayOnline Elementary Japanese I (MLL 151)2017-09-26
Pan, Fung-ShineEast BayDerivatives Markets (FIN 4315)2017-09-22
Cavanaugh, ElizabethEast BayLegal Ethics and Professional Responsibility (POSC 7042)2017-09-15
Weissmann, DebbieSan JoseSeminar in Info. Science Intro to Scratch (INFO 287-14)2017-09-06
Rippy, MichelleEast BayBasic Criminal Investigation (CRJA 2200)2017-08-28
Furniss, AmyEast BayAstronomy (PHYS 1800)2017-08-21
Kong, ErickEast BayRecreation Therapy: Advancing the Professional (REC 4604)2017-08-14
Poffenroth, MarySan Jose StateThe Living World (BIOL 10)2017-07-27
Wu, ChongqiEast BayDecision Science (MGMT 3100)2017-07-18
Ziff, GeorgieEast BayWriting for Proficiency (ENGL 3000)2017-07-10
Bonilla, Diego SacramentoDigital Media Creation (COMS 106)2017-06-26
McClanahan, RachelFullerton School Nurse Specialist 1 (NURS 530)2017-06-14
Parsons, KarlaFullertonAdvanced Concepts I (NURS 340)2017-06-08
Brueck, GregoryEast BayHistory of California (HIST 3500)2017-06-07
Hopkinson, Bill East Bay Designing Curriculum for Online Instruction (OTL 6704)2017-06-03
Hoke, ShioriEast BayOnline Intermediate Japanese III (MLL 2803)2017-06-01
Chen, Li-LingEast BayPrinciples of Instructional Design (EDUI 6210)2017-05-30
Weissmann, DebbieSan JoseSeminar in Information Science-Gamifying Info (INFO 287-11)2017-05-28
Calvo, LuzEast BayInterracial Sex and Marriage (ES 3430)2017-05-18
Cleveland, StevenEast BayInterracial Relationships, Sex & Marriage in Cinema (ES 3430)2017-05-13
Kaatz, KevinEast BayWorld Civilizations I (HIST 1014)2017-05-01
Hart, SaraHumboldtWorld Religions (RS 105)2017-04-26
Park, NancyEast BayModern Japan (HIST 3323)2017-04-24
Khalsa, DattaEast BayThe History and Culture of Online Learning Communities (OTL 6707)2017-04-18
Fricke, EricEast BayInvestment Analysis (FIN 4310)2017-03-23
Ichinose, CherieFullertonPre-Calculus (Math 125)2017-03-21
Mosley, TammieEast BayReal Estate Finance & Investments (FIN 4410)2017-03-20
Van Wart, MontgomerySan BernardinoHuman Resource Management in the Public Sector (PA 662)2017-03-14
Wen, RogerEast BayInformations Technology Management (ITM 3060)2017-03-09
Shea, RajEast BayBusiness and Professional Ethics (MGMT 3560)2017-02-24
Kong, ErickEast BayIntroduction to Recreation Therapy (REC 3800)2017-02-23
Hopkinson, BillEast BayInteractivity in Online Environments (OTL 6783)2016-12-30
Guo, JianshengEast BayLifespan Physical & Cognitive Development (HDEV 3101)2016-12-23
Hillstrom, Kathryn (Mandy)Los AngelesFundamentals for Human Nutrition (NTRS 317)2016-12-19
Lancaster, JaimeHumboldtContemporary Topics in Economics (ECON 104)2016-12-15
Baggins, DavidEast BayConstitutional Law (POSC 3441)2016-12-08
Strom, KathrynEast BayDissertation Seminar (EDLD 8086)2016-11-29
Cleveland, LeahFullertonNursing Research Evidence-Based Practice (NURS 310)2016-09-19
Janssen, VolkerFullertonAmerican History Survey (HIST 180)2016-09-06
Chai, KathleenDominguez HillsAdvanced Nursing Roles (MSN 502)2016-08-16
Fernandez, TeresaBakersfieldAdvanced Spanish Syntax (SPAN 409)2016-06-08
Radovilsky, ZinovyEast BayOperations Management (MGMT 3620)2016-06-08
Hoke, ShioriEast BayIntermediate Japanese II (MLL 2802)2016-06-01
Wu, MeilingEast BayNew Chinese Cinema (MLL 3611)2016-05-16
Wynants, ShelliFullertonHuman Growth and Development (CAS 312)2016-05-06
Servatius, JodiEast Bay Teaching Models for Online Instruction (OTL 6702)2016-05-05
Ichinose, CherieFullertonCollege Algebra (Math 115)2016-05-02
Reitzel, AmandaHumboldtFundamentals of Speech Communication (COMM 100)2016-05-01
Schodowski, PatriciaEast BayTechnology Tools for Instruction (OTL 6703)2016-04-29
Knapp, StaceySan Jose StateEngineering Reports (100W)2016-04-29
Park, NancyEast BayPostwar Japan, 1945-Present (HIST 3325)2016-04-24
Faires, DebbieSan Jose StateOnline Learning Tools & Strategies (INFO 203)2016-04-20
Seitz, StephanieEast BayBusiness & Professional Ethics (MGMT 3560)2016-04-15
Wong, AndrewEast BayLanguage and Culture (ANTH 3800)2016-03-21
Baggins, DavidEast BayAmerican Political Science (POSC 3703)2016-03-15
Plough, BobbieEast BayValues and Purposes of Educational Leadership2016-03-11
Guo, YingEast BayIntroduction to Financial Accounting (ACCT 2251)2016-03-07
Park, NancyEast BayEarly Japan, Antiquity to 1800 (HIST 3322)2016-03-07
Smith, SaraEast BayChild Language Development (HDEV 4120)2016-03-07
Garon, MaryanneFullertonTheoretical Basis of Leadership and Organization in Nursing (NURS 511)2016-02-19
Chen, Li-LingEast BayWeb as an Interactive Educational Tool (EDUI 6110)2016-02-03
Lee, JonathanSan FranciscoHistory of Asians in the U.S. (AAS 210)2016-01-25
Lu, Hui-tzuEast BayOnline Chinese: An Elementary Intensive Course (MLL 1604)2016-01-22
Mitchell, JamesEast BayPsychological Foundations in Middle and Secondary School (TED 5301)2016-1-19
Kong, ErickEast BayRecreation Therapy Diagnostic Groupings 2016-01-08
Robertson, SueFullertonAssessment & Evaluation in Nursing2015-12-22
Guptill, AnneEast BayIntroduction to Online Learning & Teaching (OTL 6701)2015-12-21
Strom, KathrynEast BayApplied Research Methods2015-12-10
Wang, JianjunBakersfieldEducational Statistics2015-12-08
Jan, ChinglihEast BayIntroduction to Financial Accounting (ACCT 2251) 2015-12-04
Mosley, TammieEast BayFinancial Management (FIN 3300)2015-12-02
Baggins, DavidEast BayComparative Law (POSC 3290) 2015-12-01
Pan, Fung-ShineEast BayFinancial Management (FIN 3300)2015-12-01
Mittman, AsaChicoArts Appreciation (ARTH 100) 2015-11-23
Dobrowolski, Christine HumboldtHealth Education: Optimal Bone and Muscle Development (HED 446) 2015-11-23
Wu, MeilingEast BayExperiencing Japanese Culture (MLL 3831) 2015-11-20
Smith, SaraEast BayChild Cognitive Development (HDEV 4110) 2015-11-02
Molina-Jackson, EdnaBakersfieldFamily & Stress (SOC 464)
Wong, AndrewEast BayAnthropology in the Modern World 2015-10-28
Orr, MarshaFullertonThe Art and Science of Nursing (NURS 470A) 2015-10-28
Wu, ChongqiEast Bay Global Supply Chain Management (MGMT 3645)2015-10-22
Diller, MarsellineBakersfieldMath Methods (EDEL 461) 2015-10-19
Yadon, JanieBakersfieldCommunity Health Nursing (NURS 441) 2015-03-05
Note: CSU Bakersfield has been submitting courses to Quality Matters for formal recognition since 2012. The Fall 2015 courses have been recognized using a formal process in conjunction with CSU Academic Technology Services, Quality Assurance Program. The review teams for the Fall 2015 courses moving forward draw from the certified QA expertise of faculty and staff in the CSU system and helps to standardize the level of rigor applied to such reviews.