Course Review and Certification

A CSU Quality Assurance Certified course provides assurance that the fully online or blended course has been developed and delivered with all components necessary to enable students to be successful in meeting their educational goals. Below you will find information on the formal course certification process, the CSU certified peer reviewers tasked with reviewing the course, and the list of CSU certified courses.

Certification and Review Process

The CSU Chancellor’s Office, Academic Technology Services has established a process for “Formal Course Review Certifications” of fully online and blended courses across the 23-campus system. Course certifications are conducted using the CSU Quality Learning & Teaching (QLT)  Instrument or the Quality Matters (QM) Rubric.

Certified Reviewers

Utilizing a team approach, three certified CSU reviewers analyze the fully online or blended course from the student perspective, apply the instrument (QLT or QM) to the course, and provide feedback for course improvement.

Informal Course Reviews

Before applying for a CSU formal course review certification, faculty are encouraged to perform an informal course review using either CSU QLT or QM.