Formal Course Review Steps

Formal Course Review STEps

  1. Campus QA Lead works to solicit and identify faculty who meet the criteria for submitting a course for formal recognition and obtain their commitment to participate.
  2. QA Campus Lead completes the CSU Course Review Application.
  3. Instructor completes the CSU QOLT “Self-Review” or for Quality Matters “Instructor Course Worksheet (QM)” (provides background information about the course).
  4. A team of 3 reviewers is selected from the CSU Peer Reviewers Database.
  5. The course review team conducts the formal course review (across 4-6 weeks).
  6. The course review team chair submits the final report which is shared with the QA Coordinator and instructor.
  7. If the course reviewed does not meet CSU QOLT or QM criteria for recognition, revisions are made to the course.
  8. The course review team chair reviews the changes and communicates with the QM Coordinator and instructor.

See a detailed graphic of the CSU Course Review stages.

CSU Peer Reviewers

The Chancellor’s Office Quality Assurance Team will maintain a list of certified  course reviewers who meet CSU QOLT and/or QM criteria to serve on formal course reviews.

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