Course Review Process

The course review process is a four stage process where the goal for each reviewed course is to obtain at least 85% of the points possible while meeting all core/essential standards in the rubric being applied (QLT or QM).  Once the course meets these criteria, the instructor receives a certification letter and is given a unique certification mark they may place inside the course (e.g, LMS header of the course). Courses meeting this level of certification are recognized on various campus and systemwide websites.

Solicitation – Stage 1

  • Solicitation - Campus QA Lead works to solicit and identify faculty who meet the criteria for submitting a course for formal recognition and obtain their commitment to participate.  Q&A informational course review webinar 10/9/20 (slides, recording).

Application –  Stage 2

  • Application Process – the QA Campus Lead completes the CSU Course Review Application.
  • Providing Background – The instructor completes the CSU QLT “Self-Review” or Quality Matters “QM Self-Review and Instructor Course Worksheet (QM)” and submits a copy of the syllabus, QM/QLT Self-Review, and course level and module level objectives to the QA Campus Lead.

Review – Stage 3

Notification – Stage 4

  • Notification of Final Report – The course review team chair submits the final report which is shared with the QA Coordinator and instructor.
  • Revisions – If the course reviewed does not meet CSU QLT or QM criteria for recognition, revisions are made to the course.
  • Final Review – The course review team chair reviews the changes and communicates with the QM Coordinator and instructor.

All Stages of Course Review Process

Course Review Flowchart  - view a detailed flowchart representation of the CSU Course Review and Certification Process.

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