Flowchart of the CSU Course Review and Certification Process

Accessible Description of the above diagram:

The CSU Quality Assurance (QA): Course Review and Certification is a four stage process.

Stage 1 – Solicitation: A message is sent to Online Instructors via California State University (CSU) lists. A standard message is sent to certified reviewers. Applicant reviews the CSU Online Course Review Website. Applicant watches the Informational Webinar which is live and recorded. This stage has ended and moves on to Stage 2.

Stage 2 – Application: The QA Lead Completes the Online Application Form. The QA Lead sends the syllabus, Module Learning Objectives (MLOs) and Quality Learning and Teaching (QLT) or Quality Matters (QM) Self-Review to the QA Manager for review. An auto-generated response message is sent indicating whether the course application meets the criteria for online course maturity or not. If it does not meet the criteria a denial message with reasons is sent and the campus lead is copied on the email. The applicant can reapply when the conditions are met and will start back at Stage 1. If it meets the criteria, an acceptance message is sent and the campus lead is copied on the email. The instructor/developer agreement is completed and the application moves on to Stage 3.

Stage 3 – Review: The course review team is identified. Agreements are made as to roles and responsibilities of the review team. Confirmation is sent to the review lead and the campus QA lead. A timeline and process is established. A pre-review conference call  is conducted. Individual peer review forms are submitted by each reviewer. A post-review conference call is conducted. The team deliberates. This stage has ended and moves on to Stage 4.

Stage 4 – Notification: CSU Quality Assurance team creates the final report. If the report indicates that the course does not meet certification requirements, changes can be made by submitting a “changes and amendments” form. The review lead then decides if after the changes and amendments are made whether the course now meets or does not meet certification. If the course meets the certification criteria a certification letter is sent to the instructor and the QA lead. The course is recognized throughout the CSU QA community and posted on the CSU QA website. Exemplars are then published into the CSU Quality Assurance Resource Repository. This is the end of the application and review process.