QA ePortfolio Content

QA ePortolio Content

The following items are examples of what would be most appropriate to include in the Quality Assurance ePortfolio. Feel free to add other items that represent Quality Assurance efforts and outcomes through faculty and staff at your campus.

ePortfolio SectionsContent Items
Proposal Title Proposal Summary - Enter 3-4 sentences describing your QA effort.
Campus Goal for QA
What was the main focus of your proposal?
Goal 1
Goal 2
Goal 3
QA Lead(s)Lead 1 Name and Title
Lead 2 Name and Title
Supporting Campus PartnersFor example, Administrative Support, Provost, CIO, Instructional Designers, Director(s), Faculty Associates, IT Support, etc.
Campus Commitment Toward Sustainability of QA EffortsCommitment 1
Commitment 2
Summary of Previous QA Accomplishments
QA efforts prior to this Academic Year.
Accomplishment 1
Accomplishment 2
Accomplishment 3
Training CompletionsInclude a table and visual chart of the overall QA training completions for 2018-19 including campus-based and CSU offered QLT/QM/Other courses.
Course Peer Review and Course CertificationsDescribe efforts for providing campus level peer review of blended/online courses.
Student Quality Assurance Impact Research
Describe your progress toward determining the impact of QA on teaching performance and student success in online courses.
Progress toward SQuAIR research (narrative/list)
Sample of Data Collected
Data Analysis Results
Development of Campus QA Resources
Upload video, images, links to resources developed.
Resource 1
Resource 2
Accessibility/UDL Efforts
Describe your current efforts to support material accessibility in courses, campus trainings, campus selected technology tools including the LMS-e.g, Ally, etc.
Effort 1
Effort 2
Dissemination of QA Efforts— Conferences
List the conference(s) attended, who attended, and the link to the presentation — National, Regional, State or Local
Conference 1, Name of who attended, Link to presentation
Conference 2, Name of who attended, Link to presentation
Next Steps for QA Efforts
Which area(s) of QA efforts is your campus hoping to increase or expand in the near future?
Step 1
Step 2