QA ePortfolio Timeline & FAQ’s

Your Quality Assurance ePortfolio represents an iterative process that provides an opportunity for ongoing reflection and interaction with your colleagues about your campus Quality Assurance project.

QA Program CycleOutcomes Shared
Fall 2019-June 2020 June 30 deadline for campus QA ePortfolio submission.

Frequently Answered Questions

Who do I contact for help getting an ePortfolio template?

For help creating effective content contact Ashley Skylar  For  questions with Content Builder,  log into your MERLOT account and select “?” Help.   View the detailed step-by-step guide.  If you have further questions about using MERLOT email


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    How do I access the QA ePortfolio template:

    1. Go to
    2. If you have a MERLOT account, login using those credentials.
    3. If you do not have a MERLOT account,  go to Sign Up
    4. After you have logged in, from the dop-down menu select “My Content Builder”  2019-04-09_13-16-35
    5. Scroll and select “Try the beta version now.”2019-04-10_10-32-27
    6. Select “Create a Website2019-04-10_10-23-33
    7. Scroll and select  the template”CO, QA ePortfolio” 2019-04-10_10-27-41
    8. Give your site a name –  “Name of Campus, QA Academic Year”  2019-04-10_10-36-09
    9. Select “Start Building”               2019-04-10_10-36-35


    How do I add (edit) information to the template?

    1. Pick an area to add information to and place your cursor in one of the content boxes on your site brings up the available edit controls for that box.  See below.  2019-04-09_13-25-30
    2. The Add button allows you to insert a link, image, media, table, or special character into your content box.







How do I publish the ePortfolio in MERLOT? (To make your page publicly available in MERLOT).

  1. Go to My Content Builder
  2. Identify your webpage you are working on.
  3. From the “More” menu on the right side of the screen, select “Make Public”                                                      2019-04-09_13-32-163. Once its public, you will see the following symbol (looks like a globe) in the lower left hand corner of your website thumbnail.




How do I access the Public URL for my website?

  1. Log into MERLOT,  locate the website you are working on and along the bottom select “View” and copy the URL that is in the browser window.   The URL should look something like this – 2019-04-10_10-45-52


You will receive weekly SmartSheet notifications (beginning June 1st) which will prompt you to provide your public URL of the webpage.  To access the public URL, open up your website and “copy” the URL that is in the web browser window.