Campus QA ePortfolios


Participants in the CSU Quality Assurance for Online Courses program will create an ePortfolio that enables sharing of the resources and outcomes of their efforts. Documents in ePortfolios will include items such as the course syllabus, a description of redesigned materials and activities and their related QA objectives, reflections on the redesign outcomes, and measures of the impact on student learning. Further information can be obtained below and completed ePortfolio examples viewed at the QA ePortfolio Showcase.

ePortfolio Technology Resources

The ePortfolio technology is kept simple so that faculty may focus on improving the quality of their course, rather than ePortfolio development technology. The Chancellor’s Office provides a supported ePortfolio application with a template that provides structure for each of the stages listed below. However, faculty are welcome to use any ePortfolio application that meets these criteria.

ePortfolio Criteria

  • Available through a publicly accessible website
  • Provides multiple sections corresponding to the required reporting topics
  • Allows custom text and uploaded “artifact” files (e.g., doc, pdf, ppt)
  • Allows uploading of multiple versions of documents within the same area
  • Supports inclusion of graphics, photos, and videos
  • Allows for publicly-viewable comments

See further details regarding the QA ePortfolio Content Template, Timeline & FAQs.