QOLT Awards Implementation

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November 1, 2015

Each campus to designate QOLT Campus Coordinator(s). See QOLT Campus Coordinator page for roles and responsibilities.

November 1, 2015
QOLT program materials available at QOLT website.  Campus Coordinators begin to circulate QOLT Call for Participation to their campus faculty.

November 1-9, 2015
QOLT Coordinators review QOLT materials and ask for clarification or support.  Contact qolt@cdl.edu

Nov 9, 2015 from 12-1p
A QOLT Awards Program webinar will be held @ http://tinyurl.com/QA-program. This session provides Campus Coordinators, related staff, and prospective faculty participants with a detailed overview and the opportunity to ask questions regarding any elements of the QOLT process or instrument.

Nov 9, 2015 – May 15, 2016
As possible, CC’s promote QOLT Awards and Recognition program through related campus announcements and workshops (e.g., BlackBoard, Moodle, Teaching and Technology, Assessment).

May 31, 2016
Deadline for faculty to complete QOLT self-assessment process.  Faculty will have submitted an instructor and course profile, as well as performed a self-evaluation of one of their courses. All of this will be performed online.

May 31, 2016
Deadline for students enrolled in QOLT faculty participant courses to complete QOLT Course Assessment: Student Ratings. We ask that each faculty member strive for a “reasonable number” of their students to complete this survey.  There is no required quota in order for a faculty member to be further considered in the QOLT review process. However, the student ratings per course provide valuable information from the student perspective and do provide valuable supporting information regarding course quality. Note: If instructors wish to give students credit for completing the evaluation, they should instruct students to either print or capture the survey completion confirmation page. That way, students can submit proof.

June 13, 2016
CSU QOLT leadership distributes QOLT submissions and evaluations (data) to respective CC’s for campus-level review. The CC’s, or assigned staff, request course access from the instructor. The CC uses the QOLT peer-rating instrument for each course. In addition, the CC’s are to review the respective instructor self-evaluations, perform a peer-evaluation, and review student-ratings of those instructors.

July 1, 2016
Deadline for CC’s to have completed the peer-evaluation process. Campus Coordinator forwards the name of 1 instructor and course to Brett Christie for inclusion in the CSU QOLT Exemplary Course Showcase. CC’s are encouraged to recognize additional instructors and quality courses at the campus level by whatever means possible. At this time, CSU QOLT will be sending letters of participation to all instructors who have participated, as well as a letter of recognition to those forwarded by the campus.

September 2016
CSU QOLT faculty panel webinar: 2-3 of CSU QOLT awardees will be invited to participate; to be delivered live and available as archive.

March 2017
CSU QOLT faculty participants will be encouraged to present at the CSU Symposium on University Teaching (Date & Location TBD)