Student Quality Assurance Impact Research


The CSU Student Quality Assurance Impact Research (SQuAIR) project determines the impact of QA professional development and course certification on teaching performance and student success in CSU online courses. It is hypothesized that faculty and staff completing QA professional development and obtain course certification are better able to design and deliver online and blended courses, more effectively engaging students and resulting in higher grades, improved course completion rates, higher student satisfaction, and ultimately a reduction in achievement gaps.

To date, over 1,800 CSU faculty and staff have completed at least one QA training, with 140 faculty now certified as formal peer-reviewers of online courses. As a result, over 90 fully online courses have been reviewed and formally certified as meeting or exceeding quality assurance standards. The QA program also disseminates over 100 standards-indexed exemplars through the CSU Quality Assurance Resource Repository (QuARRY).


A select group of CSU campus QA Leads participated in monthly SQuAIR meetings from January – August 2017 to determine the impact of quality assurance professional development and course certification on teaching performance and student success in 2016-17 courses. To support this effort and the time involved, CSU Academic Technology Services funded each participating campus to support a “Faculty Research Associate” who assisted their campus QA Lead to collect and analyze campus data and develop a final report detailing impacts of QA professional development on student success in online courses.


Professional Development Workshops Completed, Course Certifications, Number of Fully Online Courses for 2016-17, Demographics of Instructors, Demographics of Students Enrolled in Fully Online Courses, GPA, Grade Distribution, Student Survey Data. See Data Reporting Template and Coding Table for further details.

PILOT CSU Campuses, 2016-17

CampusQA LeadFaculty Research Associate
BakersfieldCharlene HuJianjun Wang
East BayRoger WenErick Kong
FullertonMarsha OrrSinjini Mitra
San FranciscoBrian BeattyJackson Wilson


Data from 2016-17 currently being analyzed. Summative report will be available here in Fall 2017.