Statway eAcademy Summary

Course:  Developmental Mathematics

Model:  Statway

Lead Faculty:  Stephen Branz, Director of General Education and Associate Dean of Curriculum, San Jose State University

Date:  September 13, 2013

Faculty Participants:  27 from 14 CSUs

Campus Academic Administrators and Staff: 20 from 11 CSUs

The Design:

This one-day eAcademy focused on expansion of the Statway model as a successful pathway for students to complete both mathematics remediation and college statistics.  Statway is a Carnegie Foundation yearlong pathway (focused on statistics, data analysis, and causal reasoning) completed by students needing remediation.

The model is being recommended for expansion in the CSU,  based on a pilot with a handful of CSU campuses and Community Colleges offering the Statway pathway to students needing remediation to be successful in college level mathematics. Statway was piloted at SJSU, Sacramento, and Northridge.  SFSU and East Bay joined the next phase. Success rates indicate that Statway could be a good remediation model on CSU campuses — targeted to students who are not on a calculus path. The day’s activities included a presentation on CSU past involvement in Statway, a presentation by the Carnegie Foundation on the history, rationale and future plans for Statway, and a video of students reflecting on their experience. A presentation on the need for solutions, the curriculum, the pedagogy and results included Q&A and led to breakout discussions of classroom issues, curricular and implementation issues, and campus level implementation and funding. The Statway approach includes structural changes; innovative, engaging curriculum; research-based pedagogy; integrated activities; use of analytics to adjust for improvement; professional development; and a network of both practitioners and researchers.   Assessment results and plans for future training completed the day.

Campus Provided:

The e-Academy was held at Foothill College with Steven Branz at San Jose State serving as the lead from the CSU. The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching hosted the eAcademy and was represented by the Senior Managing Partner, Bernadine Chuck Fong and Foundation staff members who made presentations.

CO Provided:

Marsha Nakanishi from the Chancellor’s Office introduced the CSU history and relationship with Statway.  The Chancellor’s Office will support training costs.